Old coat of arms to be re-adopted by newly-formed council

The former West Suffolk County Council coat of arms Picture: ST EDMUNDSBURY BOROUGH COUNCIL

The former West Suffolk County Council coat of arms Picture: ST EDMUNDSBURY BOROUGH COUNCIL - Credit: Archant

A coat of arms which fell out of use 45 years ago will be re-adopted by a newly-formed council in April.

The crest for the former West Suffolk County Council was no longer used following the local government reorganisation in 1974.

It will now be re-adopted by West Suffolk Council – which has been formed following a merger between St Edmundsbury Borough Council and Forest Heath District Council.

Creating a new coat of arms would have cost the council £17,000, and could have taken up to 12 months.

It would also have needed royal approval.

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The £1,400 option to re-work the former West Suffolk County Council crest was “more cost effective” and will “link back to local history”, according to councillors.

The re-adopted coat of arms will not replace the logo for the new single authority which has already been agreed.

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Councillors discussed the plans at a shadow council meeting of the new authority. Elections will take place in May.

In a joint statement, Ruth Bowman, cabinet Member for future governance at Forest Heath District Council and Carol Bull, cabinet member for future governance at St Edmundsbury Borough Council, said: “While the new West Suffolk Council will be forward looking and designed to respond to the fast changing demands of our modern world and thus better drive prosperity in the area, it has its roots in local history and has existed previously.

“From our work around civic leadership we know that historic links are important for communities and areas.”

The councillors added that it was agreed that the new authority should have its own coat of arms as well as a logo.

“One of the very visible historic links are the coats of arms that both St Edmundsbury borough and Forest Heath district councils like other authorities around the country have,” they said.

“Councillors agreed that the new council should have its own coat of arms as well as the logo that has already been agreed.

“It was agreed to adopt the old west Suffolk coat of arms which also formally covered the whole of the area.

“Not only does this link back to local history but would be more cost effective than drawing up a completely new one.”

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