Mud run helps Suffolk students support projects in India

Staff and students who took part in the mud run in a bid to raise money for projects in India. Pictu

Staff and students who took part in the mud run in a bid to raise money for projects in India. Picture; NEWMARKET ACADEMY - Credit: Archant

Students and staff at Newmarket Academy spent their Sunday getting covered in mud after being inspired to support projects in India.

Assistant principal Sophie Gynn and head of PE Lee Crick were joined by students Laura Bailey, Matilda Parr, Lily Milbank, Lauren Power and Saffron Anderton at the SplatQuackGo Mud Run, in Woodbridge to battle a muddy obstacle course.

The run raises money for Fresh Start New Beginnings, a Suffolk and Norfolk children’s charity, as well as the Newmarket team choosing their own causes to support.

Both Miss Gynn and Mr Crick journeyed to India with students over the summer, including all those who took part in the mud run, and spent time with locals in the south of the country as well as volunteering in schools.

During their time they were caught up in devastation caused by floods in Kerala and are now supporting the area through fundraising.

Miss Gynn explained: “We did it as a sponsored event to raise money for two causes we have taken to heart since coming back from out trip to India this summer.

“We were caught in the Kerala floods and saw some of the devastation and then we also spent time at a school for orphaned children and those with special needs.”

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They have raised around £500 through sponsorship for their efforts.

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