Nish Kumar, Ipswich Regent review: ‘He had us giggling all the way through’

Nish Kumar Credit: Idil Sukan

Nish Kumar Credit: Idil Sukan - Credit: Archant

I am a fan of Nish Kumar on Mock The Week, so I was looking forward to his ‘It’s In Your Nature To Destroy Yourselves’ stand-up show.

We were entertained from the off with warm up by David Trent, who prepared us for Nish’s set.

Nish is well known for his political content and didn’t disappoint on the night.

With some hilarious Brexit opinions and no holds barred criticism of all that is wrong with the UK (and the US, he didn’t forget to mention Trump!), he had us giggling all the way through.

He delivers an angry wit which is relatable and voices the frustrations of many a member of the public.

He certainly tackled every political issue facing us with an intellectual viewpoint whether you agreed or not, the one thing the audience clearly agreed on was how funny he was!

There was the obligatory audience participation (some not invited!) and don’t head for the toilet as your return will not go without a mention.

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I was unsure as to how funny his stand up would be as panel shows are a very different beast however it was a laugh out loud 90 minutes that I would happily sit through again.