Norfolk: Unidentified explosive found on beach

An unidentified explosive device was found on the beach at Hopton yesterday.

A fisherman found the shell at 1.55pm yesterday, just below Potters Holiday Centre.

Coastguard Rescue Officers from Lowestoft and Gorleston were sent to inspect it and reported that the object was 17ins long and 4ins wide and was wedged into a metal sea defence below the high water mark. It was also partly covered in sand.

Yarmouth Coastguard contacted the Joint Services Explosive Ordnance Disposal team and forwarded them photos of the device taken by the Coastguard Rescue teams. They believe that it is Ordnance and so have arranged for an Army EOD team from Colchester to deal with the device.

Because the device is close to the holiday centre, Police will be on scene with Coastguard Rescue teams from Lowestoft and Gorleston to ensure members of the public are kept at a safe distance. Local Council Emergency Planning Officers are arranging for sandbags to protect property.

Mario Siano Yarmouth Coastguard Watch Manager said: “Until EOD get on scene and have a chance to inspect the device we won’t know whether it is an unexploded bomb or another device. Until that assessment is made members of the public should keep a safe distance and follow the instructions of the Police and Coastguard Rescue Officers.”