Norse Care announce plan to close down Thetford care home to save money

File photo. Picture: John Stillwell/PA Wire

File photo. Picture: John Stillwell/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Plans to close down a Thetford care home are being mooted in a bid to save money.

Norse Care and Norfolk County Council are asking for people’s views on the future of Priorsmead care home on Canterbury Way in Thetford.

An eight-week consultation on the future of the Norse Care owned home got underway today, with residents, relatives, staff and others invited to respond by Wednesday 18 October.

Priorsmead, in Thetford, is Norse Care’s smallest residential care home with 16 rooms. A review of Norse Care’s residential care homes identified that a place in Priorsmead Care Home costs more than a place in any of Norse Care’s other residential care homes for older people.

Norse claim that the closure is being considered “in light of the particularly challenging financial environment”.

They said if following the consultation the proposal to close Priorsmead went ahead, current residents would be supported by NorseCare and Adult Social Services to remain living in the area close to relatives and friends.

Residents, relatives and staff at Priorsmead have been informed of the consultation and will all have the chance to discuss this over the coming weeks and months with managers at the care home and Social Care Staff. Norse Care and Norfolk County Council are keen to reassure everyone that they will support them and listen to their views through the consultation.

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The findings of the consultation will be fed back to the Norse Care and the Adult Social Care Liaison Board. Taking the feedback into account, the board will then make a recommendation to Norfolk County Council.

If following the consultation Norse Care recommends closing Priorsmead and Norfolk County Council approves the proposal, Norse Care would make the decision to close the home.

If Priorsmead were to close, Norse Care would put plans in place to ensure that residents and staff are fully supported throughout the process.

Residents would be assessed by Norfolk County Council and offered care and accommodation that meets their needs.

Whatever the outcome, the council said they have a responsibility to look after all residents and would ensure that everyone is given support.

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