Police shocked to find rude note criticising parking - after dealing with emergency

Halesworth police officers were disappointed to find a note on their car criticising parking on doub

Halesworth police officers were disappointed to find a note on their car criticising parking on double yellow lines while attending an emergency. Picture: SUFFOLK POLICE - Credit: Archant

Police attending a blue lights emergency were shocked to return afterwards to find a rude note left on their car criticising their parking and calling them “ignorant”.

The officers were attending the “extremely serious” incident in Leiston at 11pm on Thursday, September 10.

Naturally, given the need to respond quickly, they were forced to park on double yellow lines as that was closest to the incident.

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Although parking on double yellow lines would usually be illegal, police are exempt from doing so in genuine emergencies under the 2002 Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions Act.

However, when they returned having provided care and support for somebody until an ambulance arrived, they were shocked to find a hand-written note on the driver’s window which said: “No parking means no parking. You are not exempt. Just ignorant.”

Halesworth Police said: “Please be mindful that, under such circumstances, emergency service vehicles may be parked inconveniently by necessity, as the nearest location to an address.

“The patience and understanding of the public is always appreciated under such circumstances.”

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Inspector Mark Jackson said: “Our officers attended an urgent call to what was believed to be a serious incident and parked in order to be able to respond as quickly as possible.”

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