Nursery to remain open after accident

A NURSERY has been given the green-light to remain open following an accident which left a toddler with horrific burn injuries.

A NURSERY has been given the green-light to remain open following an accident which left a toddler with horrific burn injuries.

Angels Daycare in Needham Market was investigated by Ofsted after 17-month-old Casey White followed a nursery nurse into a kitchen area and poured boiling hot water over herself in November.

The Stowmarket toddler spent almost a week at the specialist burns unit at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford where she was put under general anaesthetic four times and had a skin graft on her shoulder.

Ofsted yesterdayreleased its findings following its investigation. It said it was satisfied with changes the nursery had made and said it would remain registered.

Casey's parents, Claire, 24 and Darren, 25, are currently pursuing legal action against the nursery in the hope that they can claim compensation for their daughter's injuries.

Speaking about the Ofsted decision, Mrs White said: “I do not think it is going to make any difference to the way I feel but I hope it is safer for the other people that are there.

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“They are not bad people at the nursery and if Ofsted think that it is safe then that is fine. I have nothing against the people at the nursery but I am just annoyed that this happened.”

Casey's scar on her face is expected to heal in time but she will be permanently scarred on her shoulder. Mrs White says this is the reason for her seeking compensation.

“My main reason is so that she will have money for cosmetic surgery if she wants it when she is older. It is something she has got to live with for the rest of her life and I want to make it that little bit better for her. Who knows what she will have to put up with when she is older?”

Sue Button, the owner of Angels Daycare, said the incident had badly affected everybody at the nursery, as well as her own health.

“The other families who come to the nursery realise that it was just an accident,” she said. “It is not that we are a badly-run nursery. It has had an enormous effect on us and in some way it has been incredibly difficult for us to carry on as a nursery but this sort of accident could happen to anyone anywhere.

“It has affected everybody involved at the nursery hugely.”

An Ofsted spokesperson said: “We all hope that Casey is making a good recovery from her injuries. A letter detailing the outcome of our enquiries has been sent to Casey's parents and a copy is being sent to the nursery. It outlines a number of changes that the nursery was required to make and explains that Ofsted is satisfied that they have been made. In the light of this the nursery will remain registered.

“An early inspection date is being scheduled to check that all services provided by the nursery remain satisfactory and our inspectors will return as frequently as necessary.”

A separate investigation by Mid Suffolk District Council's environmental health officers is expected to be concluded within the next week.