Objections are raised to bid for five homes on site of one in Bury St Edmunds

West Suffolk House in Bury St Edmund

West Suffolk House in Bury St Edmund - Credit: Archant

An opponent to plans for five homes on the site of a single property in Bury St Edmunds has claimed this type of “overcrowding” would erode the reputation of the area.

The proposal by Tiller Properties Ltd for five houses in the grounds of of 111 Westley Road has been criticised by Bury St Edmunds Town Council and a number of residents.

The existing detached home at the site would be demolished under the plans.

One resident, T. Glasswell, whose home neighbours the site, said in a letter of objection: “West of Bury St Edmunds is generally acknowledged as a desirable area to live but permitting overcrowding of this nature its reputation will very soon be eroded and will have severe effects on future property prices.”

Bury Town Council also agreed the number of properties proposed would lead to the overdevelopment of the site and believed the parking provision would be in inadequate. There are four spaces for cars at the moment and the applicant believes the 14 they are proposing (including the four existing spaces) would be enough.

Other concerns raised by residents include the overshadowing of neighbouring properties and highway safety.

A statement on behalf of Tiller Properties said: “The scale of development has been carefully thought through as to avoid any overshadowing of neighbouring properties, as has the room layouts to avoid any overlooking.” The highways authority has no objections to the plans, but does recommend conditions, including to secure the required visibility.

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The landowner, Peter Spencer, said in a letter to the planning department at St Edmundsbury Borough Council that development of the site would allow him and his wife to remain there in one of the new homes.

St Edmundsbury’s development control committee will decide on the plans, which have been recommended for approval by planning officers, on Thursday.