Old Newton: Frogs offered road safety help

IT’S the Green Cross Code like you’ve never seen it before.

Villagers in Old Newton, near Stowmarket, are trying to save the lives of frogs and toads hopping across local roads.

And one of the warning signs placed beside Church Road in the village is just for the amphibians themselves – pointing out that a high visibility jacket would help.

“FROGS - You are camouflaged so wear a high-vis jacket when crossing the road!” it reads.

Another sign – this time for motorists – reads: “PLEASE AVOID FROGS – At this time of year, frogs think more about sex than cars. Please avoid squashing them.”

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The signs are the brainchild of the Old Newton Environmental Group (ONEG), which was concerned that frogs could come a cropper during the breeding season.

Members of ONEG helped put up the signs, including Kayleigh Edgar, 10, a pupil at Bacton Middle School, who lives in the village. “She loves animals and nature and she was keen to help keep the frogs safe,” said her mother, Helen.

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Roger Stearn, of ONEG, said the idea for the signs came after some villagers noticed frogs on the road.

“It’s a bit of fun really and it’s so people are reminded to look out for frogs,” he said.

“There have been a few of us involved in making the signs and putting them up.

“It’s a bit of a problem spot and most people who drive along there do know about the danger but obviously they can’t see the frogs at night.”

Mr Stearn said people living in Old Newton automatically became members of ONEG. The group has achieved a number of initiatives, including planting trees and building owl boxes, and organises walks and activities.

“We have no money and no constitution. We’re an anarchical little group and there’s a lot of talk and ideas,” he said.

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