Onehouse: Dead deer found hanging from tree

POLICE and woodland officers are investigating the brutal slaying of a muntjac deer that was found hanging from a tree near where children play.

The remains of the animal were found on the edge of Northfield Wood in Onehouse, near Stowmarket, on Friday morning by a trio of teenagers, who were left upset by the discovery.

It is thought that at some point on Thursday evening the deer had been skinned, decapitated and had its haunches removed.

Onehouse Neighbourhood Watch member Jill Raisey, who alerted the authorities, said it was an awful scene.

She said: “It was not a pretty sight. I think, and the Woodland Trust agrees with me, that amateur (hunters) have done this.

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“They took the hide away with them but left the carcass. I phoned the council and they came and removed it.

“They have decapitated the poor thing. It’s the first time that it has ever happened that I know of and I have lived here for nearly 30 years.

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“It was very upsetting and I don’t know what those boys must have felt like when they came across it.”

She said that people in the nearby village hall had heard noises and seen torch lights in the area at about 8.30pm on Thursday evening.

Michael Ryder, the Woodland Trust’s site manager for Northfield Wood, said the incident was being investigated.

He said: “As a conservation charity, to hear of such an incident in one of our woods is particularly distressing.

“It is difficult to attribute blame to a particular group or individual but the Trust - aided by our deer managers - is actively investigating for any evidence of the perpetrators.

“We strongly disapprove of any sort of criminal activity, which this would appear to be and appeal for any public assistance in helping to catch whoever is responsible.”

A Mid Suffolk District Council spokeswoman said officers had been to the scene and removed the mutilated remains of the muntjac.

A police spokeswoman asked for anyone that had any information about the crime to get in touch.

Any witnesses can speak to officers on 01473 613500.

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