Orford: Suffolk bread sent all the way to the USA

IT is a journey of nearly 3,500 miles across the second largest ocean on the planet. But for one customer of the Pump Street Bakery in Orford, near Woodbridge, there was no better way to say “thank-you”.

To show his appreciation to one of his friends he sent a loaf of bread from the newly opened store all the way to New York.

The Vermont Sourdough is a speciality of the bakery, which is managed by Joanna Brennan.

The 29-year-old, whose father Chris is the baker, only opened up shop two months ago.

She said: “One of our customers came in and told us a story about a friend of his who had done him a favour.

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“He said as a ‘thank-you’ that he wanted to send him some of this fantastic bread. So he sent it to New York.

“The Vermont Sourdough is a speciality loaf. It rises slowly. That’s what makes it so special.”

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Ms Brennan, who is originally from Toronto in Canada, said the customer - who lives in London - had sent them an e-mail to tell them how the bread had gone down.

“Delicious was the word he used,” she said. “I think he was really pleased with it.

“We know our customers find our bread keeps very well. The next day it will be absolutely fine. Especially if it hasn’t been cut. It will last up to seven days if toasted.

“Our customers have taken our bread to other places in England and Scotland but New York is definitely the furthest so far!

“The business is going really well. The reception we have had has been fantastic, the whole community has been very supportive.”

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