Orford: Violent man who attacked his mother is jailed

A VIOLENT Suffolk man who attacked his mother and his ex-girlfriend has been jailed for 12 months by a judge who told him to start acting his age.

Timothy Richardson, 29, who worked with his parents at a smokehouse in Orford, threatened to harm his mother Veronica Buckley’s dogs and when she tried to lock them in a run he had pushed her “very hard” causing her to fall backwards over one of her pets, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Mrs Buckley told police she was scared for her safety during the incident and described her son as being “out of control”, said Michael Crimp, prosecuting.

Nine days later on October 20 last year Richardson had gone to a tea room in Orford where his ex-girlfriend Amy Youngs worked and after threatening to make a scene if she didn’t go outside to talk to him he had gone into the premises and shouted at her work colleagues.

When Miss Youngs called the police on her mobile phone Richardson had snatched her phone and as he did so his finger had caught the corner of her eye, said Mr Crimp.

Richardson had then gone into the restaurant area and had been asked by customers to leave the premises.

When police officers went to Richardson’s home he was abusive to them and when they tried to restrain him he had pulled away.

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He was eventually detained after a struggle and when he was placed in a police cell he had urinated on a mattress and smeared excrement on the walls.

Richardson had been granted bail but on November 12 he had broken into the Orford Health Centre in Rectory Road.

Police officers who responded to an alarm found a rear window had been smashed at the premises and found paper had been set alight. Outside the broken window were boxes of prescribed medicine and a number of boxes were found strewn inside the premises.

Richardson was seen outside with a bike and a fire exinguisher and claimed he had heard the alarm as he was passing and had gone to see what was happening.

He was bleeding from a cut on his hand and he accepted he was responsible for the burglary after his DNA was found at the scene.

Richardson, of Market Hill, Orford, admitted two offences of assault by beating, burglary, using threatening words and behaviour, criminal damage, resisting a police officer in the execution of his duty and harassment.

Jailing him for 12 months Judge Peter Thompson described him as “violent and threatening” and said he had caused distress to his parents and his former girlfriend.

The judge told Richardson to “start acting like a 29-year-old and not like a teenager”. In addition to jailing him Judge Thompson made a restraining order banning him from contacting Miss Youngs.

Neil Saunders, for Richardson, said the smokehouse where Richardson and Mrs Buckley worked was owned by Richardson’s father who wanted to retire and had been looking at his son to take over the business.

He said Richardson had been a disappontment to his parents and his downfall had been brought about by his use of drugs.

Mr Saunders said his client’s behaviour at the time of the offences had been “unacceptable”.

At the time he was upset at being jilted by his girlfriend and had had consumed drugs and alcohol. Since the offences he had addressed his drug problem and was no longer using drugs.