Orwell Bridge drama

A MAN had to be rescued from jumping from the Orwell Bridge in Ipswich this afternoon.

A MAN had to be talked down from jumping off the Orwell Bridge in Ipswich this afternoon.

The drama unfolded at just before 1.30pm when a passing ambulance crew spotted a man walking along the bridge.

The police were called to the incident and managed to get the man to retreat from the edge.

An East of England Ambulance Spokesman said: “He was threatening to throw himself off the bridge and we required the assistance of the police.”

Members of the public watched on as police officers managed to safely remove the man.

Congestion built up as they temporarily closed the Orwell Bridge while they dealt with the incident on the Felixstowe-bound carriageway.

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A spokesperson for Suffolk Police said traffic was moving freely again shortly afterwards.

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