Outrage as pictures appear to show swan killed in Sudbury dog attack

Swans - outrage as swans killed in Sudbury Meadows

Swans - outrage as swans killed in Sudbury Meadows - Credit: citizenside.com

Police are investigating after a swan was allegedly killed and its body dumped in a hedge on the Sudbury meadows.

A storm of anger has greeted reports on social media that the swan was mauled by a dog before the owner broke the swan’s neck.

Volunteer of Sudbury group Swan Watch Roy Spicer said he was “unhappy” when pictures apparently showing the aftermath of the attack were brought to his attention on the group’s Facebook page.

He said was “disgusted” at what appeared to have taken place “before, during and after the event”.

According to the eyewitness account that has been widely circulated with pictures of the dead swan, the incident took place on January 24 at around 12.15pm and was reported to police.

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The swan died on North Meadow, close to Brundon Lane, with the woman who took the pictures saying three children witnessed the dog attack.

“The man then killed the swan and threw the body into the bushes,” said the Facebook post.

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Mr Spicer said the incident showed the need for owners to be responsible for their dogs.

“They have to use their eyes. They’re responsible for their dog. If they look around and see any wildlife put the dog on a lead.”

A spokesman from Suffolk Constabulary confirmed the incident had been reported, initially on January 24 and again yesterday, and said police were making enquiries and investigating.

The photographs of the dead swan, which picture a black dog with two men standing over the swan’s body, have evoked a tide of condemnation and emotion from Sudbury residents.

Mr Spicer claimed around eight to 12 swans had died in the past year in the town because of dog attacks.

“He should have phoned a vet,” he said, adding if something like this did happen he did not believe people should take matters into their own hands and kill the animal without informing anyone.

The photographs published online do not show the attack itself, but show the dead swan with two men and a dog standing over the body.

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