Over 700 get speeding tickets in a week

MORE than 700 drivers were caught speeding in Suffolk during a week-long crackdown by police.

MORE than 700 drivers were caught speeding in Suffolk during a week-long crackdown by police.

The campaign, lead by Tispol - the European Traffic Police Network, saw a countywide increase in checks and enforcement between Monday, April 20 and Sunday, April 26.

Although Suffolk police put out warnings during the previous week 719 motorists were still seen breaking the speed limit.

Many of those may be unaware they have been caught by speed cameras as their �60 penalty notices are still to arrive in the post.

Their licences will also be endorsed with three penalty points.

A total of 637 people were caught by police officers and Suffolk Safety Camera Partnership cameras. A further 82 were snapped speeding by fixed cameras around the county.

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In a similar campaign in April last year 1,848 motorists were caught speeding, in 2007 the figure was 954.

Despite the figures decreasing Inspector Alex Morrison, from Suffolk's roads policing unit, warned stopping speeding motorists will always be a top priority.

He said: “We have caught fewer drivers speeding, but I'm still disappointed that so many drivers have failed to listen to our warnings. There are still too many drivers who don't seem to realise the impact driving at excessive speeds can have.

“There is never an excuse for flouting the speed limit and speeding doesn't just mean driving too fast on the motorway. It is just as dangerous to drive at 40mph in a 30mph zone.

“There were 31 people killed on Suffolk's roads last year and the role speed plays in both fatal and serious road traffic collisions cannot be underestimated.

“During this campaign we have tried to educate those who speed through enforcement.

“It is a very simple message, but a very important one, speed kills and by targeting those who are speeding we hope we can save lives.”