‘Greenhouses on wheels’? Passengers complain of stifling heat on buses

Passengers board an bus at Tower Ramparts bus station in Ipswich Picture: ADAM HOWLETT

Passengers board an bus at Tower Ramparts bus station in Ipswich Picture: ADAM HOWLETT - Credit: Archant

Passengers on Ipswich Buses have complained of high temperatures on board - with one claiming she almost fainted while travelling into the town this week.

A driver at the firm, who wishes not to be named, said temperatures on the buses are much higher than outside.

Passenger Charlotte Rivett, from Ipswich, said: “My granddad has been in the hospital so we have been on the bus a lot recently.

“I felt like I was almost about to pass out on the bus this morning.

“Pushing the baby in the pram in this heat is just dreadful.”

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Waiting for a bus at Tower Ramparts, James Stephenson said: “I think they should have air conditioning on the buses - it is just too hot.”

Passenger Anne-Marie Legane added: “I take the bus all the time. It has been horrible.

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“I haven’t felt any air conditioning on, you don’t feel anything through the windows either.

“Even the seats are hot, you can’t sit down sometimes.”

The Ipswich Buses driver said boarding a bus felt like getting on a “greenhouse on wheels”.

He said: “Imagine a greenhouse on wheels - this is our working conditions all day everyday right now,” he said.

“It has been unbearable, the heat is intense.

“As you step onto the bus you can feel the temperature rise instantly.

“It is well above the temperature outdoors.

“Wearing shorts would really help us. The female drivers are allowed to wear skirts of three-quarter length trousers.

“When I passed my drivers’ test I was told that passenger safety and comfort was the priority.

“But every other person who gets on the bus complains about the heat.

“They pay for the bus travel and then have to sit in these conditions. It is just not on.”

Ipswich Buses has been approached for comment.

Meanwhile, passengers on Greater Anglia services have also been complaining of sweltering conditions.

Enya Nicole, who travelled from Ely to Ipswich during the rush hour, said conditions on the train were “so much hotter” than outside.

“Not only is the air con not working - it’s blowing out hot air,” she added.

A spokesperson for Greater Anglia said: “We’re trying hard to keep our customers as comfortable as possible in this extremely hot weather.

“We are sorry the air conditioning wasn’t working on this service. Anyone who is on a train without working air conditioning should report it by tweeting @greateranglia.

“We’re opening doors and windows on trains while they’re in depots to air them and trying to fix any air conditioning faults on the day they’re reported.

“We would advise passengers to carry water with them when travelling. Many stations are giving out bottled water, and passengers at Cambridge, Ipswich and Chelmsford can fill up their water bottles for free at our new fountains.

“Where possible, we would advise customers to travel on less busy trains with fewer people on board. We publish a list of less busy trains on our website.”

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