Tim Passmore apologises after inaccurate leaflet sent out

Tim Passmore

Tim Passmore apologised after an inaccurate leaflet was distributed in some parts of the county. - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Tim Passmore has apologised after an inaccurate election leaflet that should have been pulped was distributed to some homes in the county.

In the leaflet published by Mr Passmore's Conservative campaign he says: "We now have over 1,300 full time police officers more than in 2012 (when he was first elected)."

Tim Passmore's leaflet

Tim Passmore's leaflet that should have been withdrawn. - Credit: Contributed

According to the Suffolk Police website the force has 1,100 police officers, 940 civilian staff and 240 special police officers.

Mr Passmore, who has been PCC since the post was introduced, said: "There was a mistake in one of my leaflets that was printed. As soon as I noticed it, it was withdrawn and I thought they had all been stopped.

"I would like to apologise for this. It was a simple mistake. It should have said if I am re-elected there will be more than 1,300 officers by the end of the year. I can only say how sorry I am this got sent out."

Mr Passmore's Green opponent Andy Patmore has lodged a complaint about the leaflet which was distributed in Mid Suffolk, not far from Mr Passmore's home.

Mr Patmore said. “It is shocking that such misleading claims are being delivered through the doors of voters near Tim Passmore’s home. 

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"We invite them to put right these untrue claims immediately, the integrity of politics is pulled into the gutter all to often, while we fully recognise anyone can make a mistake, there are many voters who have probably voted this week via post, based on complete Conservative fabrications,  those that published this document are either not to be trusted or incompetent."

Polling day for the PCC elections is on Thursday, along with other elections - and the votes will be counted on Saturday.

As well as Mr Passmore for the Conservatives and Mr Patmore for the Greens, Liberal Democrat James Sandbach and Labour's Elizabeth Hughes are also standing for the post.

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