Patient accused of touching female doctor’s face and squeezing her between the legs while under local anaesthetic

Ipswich Crown Court

Ipswich Crown Court

A man under local anaesthetic groped a doctor while she carried out a routine procedure at a medical centre in Ipswich, it has been alleged.

Christopher Jennies had been given gas and air and injections to numb part of his face when he allegedly reached out and squeezed her between the legs over her trousers, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

The doctor immediately stopped the procedure and told Jennies she wouldn’t treat him and he would have to see a male doctor, said Charles Myatt, prosecuting.

He said the alleged victim was visibly upset after the alleged incident.

When Jennies was interviewed by police he denied sexually assaulting the doctor and claimed she was lying about what happened.

He said he had touched her face because he was trying to show her where the pain was, but denied touching her stomach.

Jennies, 46, of no fixed address, has denied sexual assault on August 20 last year.

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Mr Myatt alleged that while Jennies was being given gas and air he had asked the doctor if she was married. She had dismissed the question and told him to concentrate on taking the gas and air.

He then allegedly stroked her face and apologised when she pushed his hand away.

The doctor then allegedly felt his hand slide across her stomach and shortly afterwards allegedly felt him squeeze her between the legs.

She described him touching her between the legs as “deliberate”.

Cross-examined by defence counsel Steven Dyble, she accepted there had been a nursing assistant in the room at the time of the alleged incident.

She denied the defendant had made an involuntary movement with his hand because he was in pain.

Giving evidence, Jennies said he had been anxious about the treatment .

He denied touching the dentist’s face, her stomach or touching her between the legs intentionally or inadvertently.

He said he only became aware there had been a complaint against him several weeks later.

The trial continues today.