Jail for ‘foul’ persistent offender

David Dixey of Thetford who has been jailed for nine months and has a criminal record of 253 offence

David Dixey of Thetford who has been jailed for nine months and has a criminal record of 253 offences spanning 30 years. Picture: SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY - Credit: Suffolk Constabulary

A man with 253 previous convictions spanning 30 years has been jailed for nine months at Ipswich Crown Court.

Judge Rupert Overbury told David Dixey his language and behaviour towards police officers following his arrest in November last year had been "absolutely foul".

He said in his view the awful threats made by him to a police officer and his family were worse than a physical assault.

Dixey, 48, of London Road, Thetford admitted breaching a criminal behaviour order and assaulting a police officer

Michael Crimp, prosecuting, said Dixey was arrested by police in Thetford on November 2 after he was seen drinking from a can of beer in breach of a criminal behaviour order made at Ipswich Crown Court in August last year.

He said Dixey had tried to walk off when he was approached by officers and was handcuffed.

Dixey had been abusive and used foul language to the officers in a public place while a number of children and elderly people were in the area.

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When he was taken to a charge desk at the police station he made threats to an officer and his wife and children.

"In all his years of policing never had his family been threatened in this way," said Mr Crimp.

He said Dixey had coughed up phlegm and stared at the officer making him fear that he was going to spit at him.

"Fortunately he didn't," said Mr Crimp.

Last month Dixey made headlines after he was mistakenly released from prison.

Dixey was due to have attended Ipswich Crown Court in custody on December 2 for a plea hearing following his arrest for the charges of breaching his criminal behaviour order and assaulting a police officer.

When he didn't attend the hearing inquiries were made at the prison where he was being held and no record could be found of him in the system.

The court heard Dixey had been remanded in custody by magistrates and the prison had released him by mistake as a result of confusion with another case.

Robert Pollington, for Dixey, said his client had handed himself in after he was wrongly released from prison last month and had then been returned to custody.

He said Dixey had issues with drink and drugs and he was so ashamed of his behaviour at the police station after his arrest that he couldn't bear to watch footage of the incident.

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