Warning issued to families thinking of buying a new pet

New figures have shown the number of cats reported as stolen in Suffolk. Stock image Picture: GETTY

The demand for pets has led to an increase in prices - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Pet prices have soared in recent months as more and more families look to extend their brood - but are you buying from a licensed seller?

Anyone who is selling pets with the intention of making a profit requires a licence, issued by the local authority and Tendring District Council is warning that because of the increased demand of animals and the rise of prices, many individuals will now fall within the scope for needing a licence. 

When assessing the need for a licence, evidence of frequent or high value sales is taken into consideration as part of the business test. 

Michael Talbot, member for environment, said it is important sellers act within the regulations - and buyers know what to look out for. 

“In the interests of animal welfare buyers should seek out licensed breeders and sellers, as those businesses have to meet certain criteria which includes good welfare,” Councillor Talbot said.

“Buyers need to be made aware that buying from unlicensed individuals can result in owning poorly bred, unhealthy animals which have been kept in poor conditions – which is cruel to the animals and leave you paying for expensive veterinary care.

“If you are selling animals and think you may now require a licence, please check out the details and apply.”

Applications for the licences can be found on the Tendring District Council website.

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