Man accused of paying 16-year-old girl for sex

Ipswich Crown Court Picture: GREGG BROWN

Ipswich Crown Court Picture: GREGG BROWN - Credit: Gregg Brown

A Suffolk man has denied paying a 16-year-old girl £100 to have sex with him a decade ago.

Peter Keeble told police he had never had sex with girl and couldn't "put a picture to her face", Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Keeble, 54, of Shelby Street, Lowestoft, has pleaded not guilty to paying a girl under 18 for sexual services in 2009.

Christopher Paxton, prosecuting, told the court it was a criminal offence to pay someone under 18 for sex.

He said that Keeble had initially tried to "chat-up" the alleged victim and had later asked her to have sex with him.

"He would have been 44 at the time and she laughed at the suggestion and said 'no'," said Mr Paxton.

Keeble had then allegedly offered to pay her £100 to have sex with him and she had agreed.

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She said she had been "seven out of 10" drunk and had felt "dirty" afterwards.

She didn't speak to police at the time but did tell her partner some time later that she had sex for money when she was younger.

When police spoke to Keeble in 2017, he denied the allegations.

The trial continues.