Petrol prices continue to soar in east

PETROL prices in Suffolk and Essex have continued to rise at a rapid rate during the last month, new figures reveal.

Anthony Bond

PETROL prices in Suffolk and Essex have continued to rise at a rapid rate during the last month, new figures reveal.

According to the cost of both unleaded and diesel nationally has increased virtually every day for the past month - with each new day setting a record high.

In Suffolk a litre of unleaded petrol now costs 111.6p compared to 108.7p a month ago and diesel has increased from 117.4p to 122.9p during the same period.

Motorists in Essex have been hit even harder with unleaded petrol rising from 107.9p to 111.7p in a month with diesel increasing from 117.0p to 123.0p.

Brendan McLoughlin, managing director of, said: “These figures really put into perspective just how quickly fuel prices are rising.

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“Even if diesel prices stayed the same for the next month, which is highly unlikely, the average two car family's fuel bill would be around £40 per month more compared to this time last month. Many motorists simply cannot afford these kind of increases.”

He added: “Unfortunately, unless the Government provides some kind of support or rebate for motorists, we look set to hit £1.50 a litre for unleaded in some parts of the UK by September.” said Stowmarket and Frinton-on-Sea are the most expensive places for unleaded petrol in Suffolk and Essex respectively, while the cheapest are Halesworth and Harwich.

Nationally the average price of unleaded has risen 4.4p in the last month from 107.8p to 112.2p while diesel has risen 6.8p per litre in the same period, from 116.8p to 123.6p.

The Petrol Retailers' Association (PRA) said petrol prices have increased so much in the past month because of an increase in demand as the summer months approach.

A spokesman said: “In the summer demand for fuel in the western hemisphere increases because people drive more, in particular the increase in the US means that the strain on supply is greater.

“In the last few months the price rise has been exacerbated by financial investors investing in oil with the increase in demand from other parts of the world such as China and India not helping either.”

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