Pettistree/Woodbridge: Widow of Neil Moss believes his love of animals may have caused tragic motorbike accident

Sarah Moss, husband Neil and her family

Sarah Moss, husband Neil and her family - Credit: contributed

The widow of a master baker who was killed in a motorbike accident believes his love for animals may have cost him his life.

Neil Moss, 50, of Pettistree near Woodbridge was riding his Ducati Street-fighter when he crashed into an oncoming car at a tight bend near Snape on March 29.

Collision investigator Pc Andrew Fossey, giving evidence at Wednesday’s inquest into the death, said there were a “number of possibilities” that could have caused Mr Moss to lose control, including an animal in the road.

Sarah Moss, who attended the Ip-City Centre inquest, believes her husband’s kindness to animals may have caused him to swerve to avoid a deer and lose control before hitting the approaching Honda Accord.

“He was such an animal lover; he would have stopped even for a pigeon,” she said.

Coronor Peter Dean recorded a verdict of accidental death at the inquest, which Mrs Moss said was what the family had expected and “seemed pretty final”.

“You sort of drag these things out a but to prolong it, but that chapter has closed now,” she added.

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“It’s been really hard, especially for the first couple of months, it’s like being in limbo.

“I’ve just had to focus on the children; if it wasn’t for my daughters I don’t think I would have coped.”

The couple, who both worked at the Bakehouse Bakery in Woodbridge, had two young children together, Francesca and Isabel, and would have celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary next month. Mr Moss also had an older daughter, Ellen, from a previous marriage.

Mrs Moss had previously described her husband as a “doting father” and said his death seemed like a “terrible joke”.

She welcomed the inquest’s confirmation that her husband had been seen by another motorist driving safely and within the speed limit moments before his death, as she knew him as an experienced driver who took safety very seriously.

With road safety high on the agenda in East Anglia, following the release of a hard-hitting video featuring a fatal bike accident on the A47, Mrs Moss has urged other motorists to be careful.

“I think everybody who uses the road should pay more respect to each other,” she said.

“They should take another second to look at the junction – it’s better to be late than to never arrive.”

She has thanked her family and friends for their support, the “loyal customers” at the bakery, and Woodbridge Primary School, for its help with her daughters.