Pic special: Is this the face of God above Ipswich?

HEAVEN'S above - is this a message from The Almighty?

HEAVEN'S above - is this a message from The Almighty?

This astonishing photograph was taken by reader Rodney Sewell and has left people asking if this really is the face of God in the clouds above Ipswich.

The formation of the cloud is quite astonishing, giving it a 3D-style image.

The grey section of cloud gives real depth to the image and there are even whispy pieces coming off it which looks like the flowing beard of an old man.

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The sun shining behind the forehead gives a true ethereal quality to the image and there are even long flowing locks behind his head.

The image was captured by Mr Sewell on August 3 as Ipswich was enjoying fine weather with just one or two clouds blowing across the sky.

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The big question that everyone who has seen is asking is, of course, why would the Almighty be looking down on Ipswich?

Was he checking that Portman Road was ready for the big kick off . . . or had he just been told what a great place the town is by former boss Sir Bobby Robson who had just arrived in his celestial home?

That, of course assumes, this is the Almighty.

The other alternative, looking at the picture, is that it is in fact Albus Dumbledore who, as Harry Potter fans know, has just moved on to a better place.

Could he be keeping a fatherly eye on the Muggles and Wizards left down below?

Or on the other hand could this actually be just a freakish cloud formation with a strange trick of the light? No, surely that explanation is just too fanciful!

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