Pigs badly burned in arson attack

By Danielle NuttallCrime CorrespondentA FARM owner condemned last night the "mindless" arsonists who started a fire that left 36 of her pigs severely burned.

By Danielle Nuttall

Crime Correspondent

A FARM owner condemned last night the "mindless" arsonists who started a fire that left 36 of her pigs severely burned.

Margaret Crick, co-owner of a large pig and rearing herd at Orwell Estate in Nacton, near Ipswich, has been left devastated by the attack on her animals, which left them with such serious third-degree burns they were almost put down.

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The blaze was started overnight on August 5 and 6 in an enclosed paddock housing 32 sows and four boars.

Mrs Crick arrived at the premises to discover many of the animals with second and third degree burns on their snouts, body, lower limbs and head - some were so badly burned that they could not even open their eyes.

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It is the second time suspected arsonists have struck at the site. Mrs Crick, who owns the herd with her husband, Barry, said many of the animal's injuries had been caused as the paddock's burning roof caved in.

"They were in so much pain. It's just mindless. I hope they realise what they have caused a lot of people. It's so distressing," she said.

Despite the injuries suffered by her pigs, Mrs Crick was optimistic they would survive. "They are progressing now and are getting better. The vet thought he might have to have them put down, but he thinks they might recover now," she said.

The first arson attack at the premises happened in March, but fortunately no animals were injured on that occasion.

Mr Crick said: "It's the worry as much as anything. I don't think they thought it would hurt the animals and that they would just walk out, but it caught them unawares, just as if it were humans and somebody set light to your house when you were asleep."


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