Pizza Mama Mia worker exposed genitals to patrons of Karooze Bar in Bury St Edmunds after binge

Pizza Mama Mia on St Andrews Street North, Bury St Edmunds

Pizza Mama Mia on St Andrews Street North, Bury St Edmunds - Credit: Archant

A nightspot full of people in Bury St Edmunds was left shocked after a takeaway worker burst in – devoid of trousers and underpants.

A court heard that Hilmi Torbas’s genitals was “clearly exposed” when he came through the doors of Karooze Bar in St Andrews Street South on November 28.

Magistrates sitting in Ipswich heard that father of three Torbas had been uncharacteristically binge drinking all afternoon on the day of the incident and showed up for his shift at Pizza Mama Mia, in St Andrews Street North, in a drunken state.

After being told to go and sober up by his boss, Torbas instead continued to drink and smoke drugs and at some point during the evening, lost half of his outfit.

A statement from a Karooze Bar member of staff said Torbas entered the nightclub “naked from the waist down” to the surprise of patrons and staff alike.

While in the bar and trouserless, Torbas then tried to kick a customer in the face but missed and instead fell to the floor.

Torbas was pinned to the ground by Karooze staff while they waited for the police to arrive. The court heard that once in police custody, Torbas, 36, sat with his bare legs splayed open despite being still half naked and later, kicked a female police officer in the groin.

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The court heard that Torbas, who became tearful in the dock, had said in his police interview that he had been drinking and smoking cannabis, which was unlike him and that he and could not remember the incident at all.

The court heard he accepted what he was told with “shame and embarrassment”.

Magistrate Anne Tyler ordered that Torbas pay £1,065 in fines and compensation after he pleaded guilty to exposure, assaulting a police constable and using threatening behaviour.

Mrs Tyler said: “We believe this was a one off incident and have taken on board that you do not usually drink. We have also taken into account that you have entered an early guilty plea and have shown great remorse for what you did. However, you did do this in a very public place, in front of a lot of people and you assaulted a police officer in a manner that was very unpleasant and painful for her. In total, you owe the court £1,065, some of which will be as compensation to the police officer that you harmed.”

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