Planes to fly into the UK again

FLIGHTS into the UK will finally start again today after air traffic control company Nats lifted some restrictions.

After days without any flights due to volcanic ash, Nats announced UK airspace will finally open above 20,000ft between 1pm and 7pm.

The news came at 9am after the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced flights above the ash cloud would be permitted in the UK within the set time frame.

Scottish airspace including Aberdeen, Inverness and Edinburgh airports will continue to be available from 1pm to 7pm today, and also south to Newcastle Airport.

But a ban on all flights into and out of the UK below 20,000ft remains in place.

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Nats said: “The situation regarding the volcanic eruption in Iceland remains dynamic and the latest information from the Met Office shows that the situation today will continue to be variable.

“We will continue to monitor Met Office information and the situation is likely to change during the course of the day.”

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Further news is expected today at 3pm.

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