Plans for wellness Garden and car charging points at Sudbury business park

google earth view of chilton industrial estate

The planned site for the developments is a plot of land near to the post office. - Credit: Google Earth

Plans have been submitted for eight electric car charging points, alongside a wellness garden and a kiosk, at Chilton industrial estate, just outside Sudbury.

The application concerns an area of land that is currently undeveloped within the industrial estate, and will serve people working on the business park, as well as the wider community.

The vision statement for the project outlines how the wellness garden would benefit the local area: "The garden itself would serve as an attractive conservation area.

"The area of land already provides a countryside habitat for many species of local wildlife, and would be further improved with shrubs, hedges, bushes and wild flowers to provide a place of tranquillity and encourage community engagement."

The development will also see electric car charging points installed "to add to the somewhat limited infrastructure that currently exists in and around Sudbury."

Included in the plans is a small retail kiosk to serve snack style food and drinks.

A decision for the outcome of the plans is expected in January 2022.

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