Player 'racially abused' by crowd

A FOOTBALL manager whose player allegedly suffered a torrent of racial abuse from opposition fans has called for a tough response from the authorities.

A FOOTBALL manager whose player allegedly suffered a torrent of racial abuse from opposition fans has called for a tough response from the authorities.

Braintree Town boss George Borg was speaking after his captain, Ollie Adedejiwas allegedly targeted for abuse, including monkey chants, from Wealdstone supporters.

The referee has included the details in his match report and the Football Association said yesterday that the matter was now being investigated.

Wealdstone Football Club has said it is taking the matter extremely seriously and Mr Borg said he believes about 70% of the 350-strong crowd were involved in abusing Adedeji during last Saturday's Ryman League clash at Wealdstone.

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Borg said: “I don't have a problem with banter in football, it is what helps make it such a special game, but when it is nasty, aggressive and getting to the stage where people are wanting to fight, then it becomes a different ball game.

“It was not one person, there were about 350 there and 70 % joined in.

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“It was disgusting and if it ever happens again I will take the players off the pitch. We were losing at the time, so I did not do it then as it leads to people saying it was because of sour grapes.

“If I have to go there again next season, I would rather give them three points.

“There has to be a serious response from the Football Association, if they don't it is only a matter of time before you are reading reports about a player getting severely beaten up by a bunch of yobs.

“If they are stamping this out at the top level, then why not at a non-league level? We were just pleased to get the three points, get changed and get on the bus.”

Borg also praised Adedeji for somehow managing to keep his concentration in the game which Braintree went on to win 4-2.

Wealdstone Football Club issued a statement after the allegations were made.

It said: “The club are taking this report extremely seriously and wish to state publicly our complete shock at this allegation, whilst at the same time fully apologising to the Braintree Town player, at who, it is alleged, the comments were aimed.

“We confirm that every effort is being taken to investigate these allegations, and if someone is identified as having used racially offensive comments, then the club will use the heaviest sanctions available.”

Secretary and director, Roger Slater, added Wealdstone was a mixed race club.

“It seems to be one single comment picked up by the linesman and reported by him and it was put into the referee's report.

“I think racism is nothing short of abhorrent. If I find out who it was, he will be out for life and I would take his details and forward them on to the FA,” he said.

A spokesman for the Football Association said: “The referee has reported on the game and we have contacted Wealdstone to request their comments. It is fair to say that it is under investigation.”

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