Plough breaks loose and smashes into house

A HOUSE near Woodbridge was left with structural damage yesterday (TUE) after a plough came loose from a tractor and crashed into the wall just yards away from a local primary school.

The accident happened on Fox Hill in Hollesley at the junction with School Lane, opposite the site of Hollesley Primary School, at around 5.30am.

One house was left with suspected structural damage as well as a broken window and deep gouges in the wall, while a nearby garden wall was also severely damaged, although no one was injured.

Self-employed businessman Jez Day, 41, who lives in Fox Hill, said: “There was a lot of noise outside and I thought the tractor had broken down.

“But it was only when the neighbour came round and told us that I realised what had happened.

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“They said their whole house moved, and their kids were asleep in the house as well.”

It appears a tractor was dragging the plough up the hill when the trailer broke away and rolled backwards, smashing into the house and a nearby wall.

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Mr Day added: “If it had been school time, there could have been children around, so that is the main concern.

“We just want to highlight the danger because some of the tractors hammer up and down the roads, often carrying insecure loads.

“It is a good time to highlight the fact that it is dangerous and right next to a school it is just irresponsible in my opinion.”

Suffolk Police confirmed they were called to the incident just before 5.40am and found a trailer had come away from the green tractor, hitting a nearby house and leaving debris strewn across the road.

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