Plunging mercury prompts roads warning

Plunging mercury prompts roads warning

Plunging mercury prompts roads warning - Credit: PA

As temperatures drop below freezing, drivers are being urged to take extra care on the roads.

Sainsbury’s Car Insurance has analysed Government data that reveals road accident casualty rates are 15% higher than the monthly average in November, 11% higher in December and 8% higher in January.

People should allow more time for every manoeuvre on the road, especially anything involving braking and steering, as well as for the journey as a whole, says the insurance company.

The company, which is offering free Green Flag breakdown cover for new customers, is also urging drivers to prepare better for the coldest months of the year, by leaving more time to defrost and demist their cars.

Especially relevant to younger car owners is making sure their mobile phones are charged before the journey, to make sure there is enough charge for emergency calls.

Classic, but potentially lifesaving extras to carry include a torch, a warm coat and blanket, de-icer, water and some snacks.

Other advice from the insurer covers avoiding stopping while driving uphill.

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Tom Thomson, Head of Sainsbury’s Car Insurance said: “The consequences of an accident or breakdown can be greater in winter, especially with challenging driving conditions from icy roads to storms and snow, so we would encourage all motorists to take great care no matter how short their journey.

“It’s also useful to take steps before you set off such as charging your mobile phone and letting people know your route. Having a good quality breakdown policy will also give you peace of mind that you can call for professional assistance if needed.”