Police attempting to trace driver of saloon-style car after incident on the A12 in Blythburgh

An aerial picture of Blythburgh

An aerial picture of Blythburgh - Credit: Archant

Police are attempting to trace the driver of a sandy-coloured large saloon-style car following a criminal damage incident on the A12.

At around 8.15am on Monday, on London Road, Blythburgh, a campervan was being driven southbound through the 30mph zone when the sandy-coloured vehicle overtook it at speed. The driver of the campervan sounded his horn and flashed the vehicle’s headlights at the driver of the car.

Moments later the campervan driver saw the car had stopped near the junction with the B1387, and, because of the double solid white lines at the location, decided he couldn’t pull out to overtake the stationary car. Seconds later the driver of the sandy-coloured car reversed into the campervan, causing damage before driving off.

Police are asking the driver, anyone with information about the vehicle involved or any witnesses to the collision to call 101, quoting LE/15/518.