Police crackdown on teenagers in Southwold

POLICE have said they will target troublesome groups of teenagers in Southwold this summer.

POLICE have said they will target troublesome groups of teenagers in Southwold this summer.

The force has warned disorderly youngsters they face prosecution unless their behaviour improves “to an acceptable level”.

The Safer Neighbourhood Team for the area said the ambulance service were called to the town three times in one night recently to take “badly drunk” teenagers - girls aged 14 and 15 and a boy of 16 - to hospital.

But Pc Chris Sadler, writing on the team's web page, said crime overall was low in the town, with 21 crimes reported in the first three months of this year and praised the management of the resort's pubs, clubs and restaurants for their efforts in limiting problems.

He said: “In 2009, disorderly behaviour by youngsters (teenagers) will be targeted and if warnings fail to improve their standard of behaviour to an acceptable level, then they will be prosecuted.

“The access to alcohol by some under age children and poor parental supervision are the two biggest factors in the problem of disorderly behaviour by groups of teenagers.

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“It is a particular problem immediately after some public events. On one occasion recently the ambulance service had to attend Southwold three times during the evening to take badly drunk teenagers to hospital.

“The teenagers were not being supervised by their parents. Police officers took other drunken children home and contacted parents of others to request that they come and collect them.”

Pc Sadler added: “Other problems such as minor crime and litter (especially broken glass) occurred that evening as a direct result.

“The police are confident that the drink was not purchased in the pubs in Southwold and believe that most of it was taken by the youngsters with them when they travelled to the event in the town.”

The Safer Neighbourhood team said there had been 107 crimes in Southwold in 2007, 98 in 2008 and 21 in the first three months of this year.

There are four police officers based at the town's police station who deliver “community-style” policing to Southwold, Reydon, Wrentham and Wangford.

Four other “response” officers are based in the town whose role is to respond to incidents in Southwold, Halesworth, Beccles and Bungay.

The community policing team at Southwold can be reached by calling 01986 835300 or emailing southwoldhalesworth.snt@suffolk.pnn.police.uk