Police launch drugs crackdown

AFTER a summer of tackling anti-social behaviour police are now launching a crackdown on drug activity in two Suffolk towns.

Leiston and Aldeburgh Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) has decided to change its priorities following discussions with members of the public.

Officers will target drug activity in both towns in a bid to take the work they have been doing a step further.

Throughout the summer police launched a high profile campaign in Leiston to tackle anti-social behaviour caused by a large group of youths.

The efforts they have made will continue but following a meeting public meeting on Thursday they agreed to shift their focus.

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The work began the following day with a visit by the passive drugs dog to areas in Leiston and Halesworth.

A number of searches were carried out with one man being found in possession of cannabis and given a street warning.

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Sgt Mark Beresford, of Leiston and Aldeburgh SNT, said: “We are really pleased with the positive response to our efforts, which was demonstrated at the meeting on Thursday when many people congratulated us on the work that had been done.

“However we are aware that we need to keep the pressure on. As a result of all the enquiries and investigations into anti-social behaviour we have received a lot of information about drugs and it was agreed at this meeting that our focus should now change to address this.

“Work began at the weekend and will continue in the coming weeks.”

Police have now set up a new secure e-mail address for youngsters to contact if they have information about offenders.

“This will come straight to myself or a handful of police officer colleagues and can be anonymous if you wish or you can provide your contact details so we can get in touch,” Sgt Beresford said.

Speeding in Leiston and Aldeburgh is also being adopted as a priority following the meeting on Thursday.

Anyone with information about suspected offences can e-mail leistoninfo@suffolk.pnn.police.uk or call 01473 613500.

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