Police reveal 12 drivers a day have been caught speeding on A12 at Kelvedon since new average speed limit introduced

Average speed camera system installed. Photo: PA Wire

Average speed camera system installed. Photo: PA Wire - Credit: PA

Police in Essex have made a plea to drivers to slow down as shocking new speeding figures are revealed.

On average 12 drivers are caught speeding every day on the A12 at Kelvedon in the new average speed limit scheme, while a further 12 are caught daily on the new scheme on the A120 at Great Bromley.

Figures revealed in a Freedom of Information request made by our reporter found 718 people have been caught in the 50mph limit on the A120 since the cameras went live on April 14, with a further 560 drivers caught on the A12 since April 27.

However of more concern to road safety experts are the speeds motorists are found doing.

The highest speed recorded so far on the A120 is 81mph, while on the A12 it is 103mph.

Adam Pipe, casualty reduction manager at Essex Police, also revealed two motorcyclists were caught by patrols last week doing 132mph and 133mph on the A120 at Ardleigh and the A133 at Elmstead Market.

He said: “To date there are not many each day which is pleasing, but there are some very high speeds.

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“We are seeing real aggression on the road, a lot of intimidation and some very poor driving behaviour.

“Motorcycles are a particular issue – 29% of the incidents where people were killed or seriously injured on Essex roads since April 1 have involved motorbikes.

“The speeds of the two caught last week by officers are totally inexcusable, indefensible, and presents serious risk to themselves and other road users. They will be prosecuted and brought before the courts.

“Unfortunately we are finding other examples of this dangerous driving and people need to start taking responsibility for their actions.

“We are also seeing far too many single vehicle, loss of control incidents due to driver error, resulting in life-changing injuries.

“Not all are motorcyclists at fault – there are a number where drivers are at fault, and they need to be aware of the environment they are travelling in.”

A motorcyclist was killed in Wix on the A120 in late May, while another rider was injured on the A12 at Witham on Saturday morning, though police said it was too soon to verify the causes of those incidents.

To combat the problem police are patrolling key commuter routes every weekday at peak times on top of their routine work.

“Being on mobile phones and poor behaviour is contributing to incidents, not just more serious ones by the smaller stuff which causes delays as people are trying to head home or to work,” Mr Pipe added.

“We are not complacent, and we are doing things every day in some part of the county. It is paramount we take these high end offenders off the roads.

“But we need everyone to take a little bit more time and effort with their driving.

“Importantly wear a seatbelt, reduce your speed, look out for vulnerable road users and don’t drink and drive.”

Essex Police is currently in the middle of its summer drink- and drug-driving campaign.

So far 54 motorists have been arrested for drink-driving and five for drug-driving this month, compared to 129 people arrested in total in May.