Politicians react to Ed Miliband win

SUFFOLK: Labour members from across the county were today getting used to having a Miliband at the head of the party – though not the one most had expected!

As Ed Miliband prepares to address his party conference tomorrow, Labour activists and their opponents at the next election were sizing up the new leader.

Former Ipswich MP Chris Mole worked with Mr Miliband at the department of energy and climate change.

He said: “Ed is a very warm person, easy to get on with. He did get a lot of support from the unions, but also from other sections of the party and I am sure he will be able to bring us together.

“It’s a pity Ed didn’t come to Ipswich during his campaign, but I hope he now gets out to places like this because these are the kind of seats we need to win back next time.”

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Suffolk County Council Labour group leader Sandy Martin had supported Ed Miliband throughout the campaign and was pleased by the result.

He said: “I have always felt that Ed was the best placed candidate to attract the non-committed voters that we need to win the next election.”

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Adam Leeder, who fought Suffolk Coastal in the general election, had supported Ed Balls.

He said of Ed Miliband: “I am interested that he has written an article saying he wants to target middle class voters. He does need to do that.

“But I fear it might be rather a struggle to get much success in towns and villages in Suffolk Coastal!”

North Ipswich and Central Suffolk MP Dr Dan Poulter was intrigued by Mr Miliband’s promise to work with the government on issues where there was common ground.

“If he is being serious on building a consensus on major issues then that would be good for the country – especially if he is talking about how we deal with the deficit,” he said.

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