Should the Woodbridge mayor have worn his mayoral robes to a protest?

Police speak to Woodbridge Mayor Eamonn O' Nolan Picture: KAL HARVEY

Police speak to Woodbridge Mayor Eamonn O' Nolan Picture: KAL HARVEY - Credit: @KalHarv

Woodbridge mayor Eamonn O’Nolan was arrested at a protest wearing his mayoral robe, leading to questions over whether he had been wearing the garments in the first place.

In the wake of his arrest, Mr O'Nolan has faced criticism over wearing the ceremonial robes.

Over 300 people took part in a pole by this newspaper about whether Mr O'Nolan was right to wear the garments.

Over 2/3 of those who responded believed that he should not have worn them.

Others presented a wide variety of viewpoints on the issue.

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- Katie Maddison - "I can think of absolutely nothing more important right now for the welfare of every man, woman and child living in Suffolk then forcing governments to recognise the impending climate catastrophe and act without delay. "As civic Mayor for Woodbridge, Eamonn's duty is to carry out ceremonial duties for the town.

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"I applaud and support him and thank him for giving me heart. He can wear his robes for this cause in my name any day of the week."

- Claire Kember - "Well done to our Woodbridge mayor for standing up for our planet. After the recent 'crusty' slur from our prime minister, it is even more important for the general public to see the real diversity of climate heating protesters - including the professionals and the over 50s."

"Seeing a mayor in all his regalia from a little known town in a little known county being arrested for this climate protest in London is a powerful image."

- Sarah Kenyon - "I find this so hard to fathom that Eamonn wearing his Mayoral Robes is more emotive to so many than the death of the planet and our right to democracy? What is the alternative? Do nothing?

"I'd love to hear the solutions and efforts being made by all the people who disagreed so passionately with his behaviour because I'm all ears. I don't care how we get it but CHANGE is needed and fast."

- Julie Kenny - "How embarrassing. To actually put the fate of the planet and our survival over protocol and decorum."

- Geordie Jeans - "I live in Woodbridge and am happy that he did this. The climate crisis is real and more people in prominent positions need to help highlight it, and motivate others to change their own behaviours."

- Karl Harris - "I think it was fine. What use are civil institutions if they cant be used to campaign against the status quo. Peaceful protest is okay by me."


- Bryan Betts - "He should be stripped of his title. Feel free to protest, but not as the mayor of Woodbridge."

- Mark Mitchell - "Nothing against him protesting but not in his robes though and how can he say he was representing Woodbridge when only 30 people asked him."

- Laura Hammond - "30 people out of how many? Let's get a percentage on this. I'm guessing less than 1% of the people of Woodbridge wrote to him. He did this off his own back. He broke the law whilst wearing the robes of office. What a disgrace. What an insult to his predecessors who did good for the town WITHOUT the need to bring the office of Mayor into disrupte."

- Anna Sukeforth - "What can I say? What an embarrassment to Woodbridge. I think he had served his time. Resign now."

- Maria Clark - "That is disgraceful. When he is wearing those robes he is representing the Town and people of Woodbridge."

- John Alexander - "Will he claim expenses for travelling to the protest. Assume he didn't walk from Woodbridge."

- Mark Green - "He was bang out of order. Using the robe to stand out. An absolute disgrace. Its a privileged position that he should now loose."

- Sandy Skeet - "I was appalled to see on the national news that he attended the Extinction Rebellion rally dressed in his robes and openly stating that he represented the people of Woodbridge.

"Whilst he is entitled to attend as an individual in his own right I would strongly contend that he may not attend any demonstration or similar protest dressed in robes or not and purport to represent any proportion of the population of Woodbridge or it's environs. This is an abuse of his office and brings the office into disrepute.

"He does not represent the population of Woodbridge and his behaviour requires that he be stripped of his office forthwith."

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