Poll: Sudbury bans large posters from town centre

A ROW has broken out after advertising posters were banned from a prominent town centre location.

Planning officers from Babergh District Council asked Sudbury Town Council not to allow large promotional banners to be hung from the railings of St Peter’s Church on Market Hill after complaints from local businesses. The businesses, according to Babergh, had complained of double standards after they had been asked to remove unlawful advertising displays in other parts of the town despite large signs remaining in situ near St Peters.

Now Babergh has said only posters of size A3 or smaller should be shown at the site.

But town and district councillor, John Sayers, says the decision will hit charities and local organisations who use the church railings to publicise vital fund-raising events that they hold at the church.

He said: “ There is a big difference between large billboards that are permanently in place on roads near the industrial estate to advertise businesses like car washes and the temporary posters that were displayed near St Peters to help local groups.

“The town council was managing the sitution well, using its discretion and had received hardly any complaints over the past few years. These smaller signs will not have the impact the larger ones did and it could result in less people being informed about an event.”

Sudbury Town Council deputy clerk, Jacqui Howells, said the council had run a tight policy on the types of banners it had allowed on the church railings.

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She said; “We had a problem with illegal advertising near St Peter’s in the past, so because the town council owns the railings we decided to manage the situation ourselves. We formulated a policy that said only local groups could use the position and that they were only allowed to have posters up for a week. However, in their investigations Babergh have found that some of the posters that were going up were illegal because of their size.”

A spokesperson for Babergh District Council said “Sudbury has been the subject of a significant increase in the unlawful display of advertisements. Babergh have looked to deal with these in a consistent manner by contacting those responsible directly. However, in approaching companies that had displayed signs unlawfully, officers found that the display of banners and posters on the railings at St Peter’s was constantly referred to as a source of concern, and that the Council was accused of targeting organisations in the town and being inconsistent in their approach by failing to deal with the Town Council in the same manner.”

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