Poll: Will price rises curb UK’s drink problem?

Do we need lower prices on alcohol?

Do we need lower prices on alcohol? - Credit: Archant

DAVID Cameron has told MPs he will “deal with” cheap alcohol being sold in supermarkets in England and Wales.

It comes after reports the government has ditched plans for 45p per unit minimum alcohol pricing.

But the prime minister insisted he remained determined to crack down on problem drinking as he was warned dropping plans to introduce a minimum price for a unit of alcohol would “critically undermine” that aim.

Tory MP Sarah Wollaston also called on the PM to stick to the plan, saying it would cut crime and early deaths.

Mr Cameron said the government was considering the outcome of a consultation but said sales of “20p cans of lager” had “got to change”.

“There is a problem with deeply discounted alcohol in supermarkets and other stores and I am absolutely determined that we will deal with this,” he told MPs yesterday.

Earlier, Labour leader Ed Miliband, who backs minimum alcohol pricing, attacked Mr Cameron over his “U-turn”, asking MPs: “Is there anything he could organise in a brewery?”

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The Labour leader’s jibe reduced MPs, including Mr Cameron, to laughter at Prime Minister’s Questions.

But what do you think? Would you drink less if the price of alcohol went up? Will it affect habitual drinkers?

Let us know by answering the poll and commenting below.

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