‘Pollen bomb’ warning for hay fever sufferers ahead of drier weekend

A 'pollen bomb' has been forecast across Suffolk and north Essex Picture: JANICE POULSON

A 'pollen bomb' has been forecast across Suffolk and north Essex Picture: JANICE POULSON - Credit: JANICE POULSON

Hay fever sufferers may wish to take caution over the next few days amid warnings of a ‘pollen bomb’ sweeping across Suffolk and north Essex.

The Met Office is forecasting grass pollen levels in the east of England to be ‘high’ between Thursday and Saturday - but the warning has been raised to ‘very high’ for Sunday and Monday.

Hay fever happens when our bodies mistakenly treat pollen as a harmful organism, with the immune system beginning to make antibodies to fight an infection.

The recent wet weather has meant less pollen has been released into the air, but predictions of a drier weekend have led to forecasters increasing the risk level.

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Plants typically need a period of cold then warm weather before they blossom.

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The expected high concentration of pollen has led to it being described as a ‘bomb’ by experts.

Nali Nouri, manager at Woodbridge Pharmacy, said: “The most important thing to do if you suffer from hay fever is to take antihistamine allergy tablets in the mornings as a precaution.

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“There are also balms you can get to rub under your nose and we have eye drops if they get itchy.

“With the pollen, it is going to effect everyone.”

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