'Bizarre' sighting of rare porcupines startles driver on rural road

The Porcupine was spotted near Clare in Suffolk

The porcupine was spotted near Clare, Suffolk - Credit: Alice Lily Finn

A "bizarre" sighting of a trio of rare porcupines gave drivers a shock - after being spotted on a road late at night.

Porcupines are rodents with prickly hair and are more common in the forests and deserts of Africa, Asia the Americas, rather than rural Suffolk.

But Alice Lily Finn and her partner got a great surprise when they saw the "big white thing" in the road while driving from Clare to Bury St Edmunds at 9.30pm yesterday.

Swerving to avoid it, she said: "I found somewhere to turn around, so we could both verify that it was a porcupine we saw and also that it was okay and not injured.

Alice and her partner found several quills from the porcupine in the road

Alice and her partner found several quills from the Porcupine in the road - Credit: Alice Lily Finn

"I told my partner to take a picture, as no-one would believe that we saw one.

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"Then two others appeared. It was totally bizarre. I also took the opportunity to take some of the quills off of the road."

The incident was reported to Suffolk police.

A porcupine is not described as a dangerous wild animal - but anyone who finds one is recommended not to approach the animal and instead call the RSPCA.

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