Posh Spice's Essex gaff

SHE may be known as "Posh", but people in Essex will not be impressed by Victoria Beckham's uncommonly held view that the county does not have a coastline.

SHE may be known as "Posh", but people in Essex will not be impressed by Victoria Beckham's uncommonly held view that the county does not have a coastline.

In an interview for forthcoming BBC1 programme Tabloid Tales, the ex-Spice Girl and wife of England football captain David Beckham was asked about reports the Beckhams had bought an island off the coast of the county.

She replied: "There isn't a coast in Essex, is there?"

Realising her mistake, she added: "I said the most stupid thing just now, didn't I? I'm not going to say it again, I know there is a coast in Essex."

People in the county's coastal areas welcomed Mrs Beckham to come and see how wrong she was.

Mick Page, Tendring district councillor for Walton-on-the-Naze, invited her to see the delights the Essex coast has to offer.

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He said: "We have got one of the best sunshine records here - we are known as the Sunshine Coast - she should come down here and visit.

"It is a lovely place to be - we have the Naze and the back waters which are a Site of Special Scientific Interest."

After hearing the suggestion that Posh had put her foot in it, Harwich Mayor, Dave McLeod, said Mrs Beckham was welcome to "put her foot in Harwich whenever she wants".

"In such a small area we have everything here - leisure, pleasure and the port from which she can go anywhere she likes in Europe.

"Of course she can stay if she wants - it is no problem. We have the Harwich Society here who will tell her all about the town and make her most welcome," he said.

In the interview, Victoria, who has long been considered the inspiration for Footballer's Wives character Chardonnay Lane, let slip that friends have named her after another type of plonk in tribute to the TV show.

She confessed: "My hairdresser calls me Beaujolais".

In the ITV1 series, Chardonnay is the wife of a star footballer.

Victoria, 28, also used the interview to deny some of the stories about the Beckhams' spending habits.

The couple were reported to have spent £20,000 on a nursery for son Brooklyn at "Beckingham Palace", their mansion in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire.

Victoria said they had spent just £250 on doing up the room.

"I'll tell you how much that room cost, OK - that was the only room that didn't need redecorating because it already had all the nice paintings round the wall.

"So I probably paid about £100 for the carpet and about £150 for a kid's bed,"' she said.

"Twenty thousand pounds doing a kid's room, don't be stupid. Twenty grand on a kid's room, ten grand on a birthday party - behave yourself.'"

Elsewhere, Victoria denied having breast enhancement or collagen injections in her lips, insisting she is "completely natural" except for her nails and hair extensions.

She was dropped by her record company last year and admitted: "I think what I'm probably going to have to do is put a record out there and not tell anybody that it's me, because a lot of people will have opinions about my music before they've even heard what I'm going to do.

Victoria has a habit of embarrassing her Manchester United star husband in interviews but this time it is her mother Jackie Adams who does the honours by revealing he has a phobia of birds.

Reports that he had taken up falcon training couldn't be true, she explained, because "he's terrified of birds. Terrified. Sorry, David".

N Tabloid Tales, a six-part documentary, begins on BBC1 on Tuesday April 29.

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