Primary school place offers made in Essex today

Primary school places are revealed today.

Primary school places are revealed today.

Parents across Essex will find out today where their child is due to go to primary school in September.

Essex County Council said 86.7% of parents got their first choice school, while a further 6.6% have a place at their second choice – in line with last year.

Around 16,500 applications were made this year.

Chris Kiernan, interim director for education commissioning at the authority, said: “I am delighted we have once again been able to offer the vast majority of children their parents’ first preference primary school, despite the growing pressure on places.

“This achievement is a further demonstration of the continued investment we are making in creating additional primary school places, as well as the hard work and dedication of schools and admissions staff.

“I am well aware that many parents will have been waiting nervously ahead of primary offer day, but I hope they will be pleased with the outcome and can now look forward to their children starting school for the very first time in September.”

Earlier this year the county council received confirmation from the Department of Education of a new £41.4million grant, bringing the total funding to support the creation of new school places over four years to 2017/18 to £137.7m.

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Just 3.09% of parents were not offered places at any of their preferred schools, and were instead offered a place at their nearest school with space available.