Prime Minister’s backing given to Jaywick regeneration scheme

Ian Davidson, Tendring District Council chief executive, outlines Jaywick regeneration plans to Prim

Ian Davidson, Tendring District Council chief executive, outlines Jaywick regeneration plans to Prime Minister David Cameron in 2014 - Credit: Archant

The Prime Minister has hinted that more money could be available for the ongoing regeneration of Jaywick.

David Cameron said he is continuing to fully support efforts to improve the resort in a letter to Tendring District Council leader Neil Stock.

Mr Cameron, who visited Clacton in 2014 to look at the sea defence works, indicated more money could come to the area from a £1.2billion cash pot being made available over this Parliament, with the backing of the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG)

In the letter he also welcomed the Coastal Community Team initiative to build new starter homes in the area, funded with £200,000 from the DCLG.

Mr Cameron wrote: “I welcome the considerable progress Jaywick is making in realising its ambitions.

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“The design challenge is an interesting and creative proposal and I understand it was discussed and supported at the Jaywick Coastal Team meeting in December.

“I know that the team’s plans for Jaywick include proposals to regenerate this coastal community that are supported by key partners including community leaders.”

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Mr Cameron said that DCLG officials will be happy to explore whether some of the £1.2 billion could help support the work in Jaywick.

“We look forward to working with you on developing and implementing the economic plan for Jaywick and securing starter homes early in the plan period,” he added.

Mr Stock said the authority and its partners, such as Essex County Council, were delighted to get such an endorsement from the Prime Minister over the moves to improve people’s lives and aspirations in Jaywick.

He said: “I can tell from the letter Mr Cameron is extremely well-informed about what we are trying to achieve in Jaywick in tandem with residents and local organisations.

“He has made it very clear indeed he supports what we are doing and it is so important to get that backing at the very highest level.

“It means that we are on the right track and must press ahead with our efforts.”

Tendring District Council first revealed plans for Jaywick during Mr Cameron’s visit to Holland Haven in 2014.

Since then the council has been awarded funding towards building starter homes and Coastal Community Team status, a partnership focusing on Jaywick which includes the DCLG, county council, Environment Agency, the Homes and Community Agency and the Jaywick Forum.

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