Prolific burglar jailed for two years

A BURGLAR who targeted houses in villages in the Ipswich area has been jailed for three years after admitting more than 20 burglaries in a two-month period

Heroin addict Lee Hawkes was arrested after he left a footprint at the scene of a burglary at Dallinghoo and later volunteered information to police about other burglaries he had committed, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Hawkes, 24, who has been on remand in Norwich Prison, admitted three offences of burglary and asked for 19 similar offences to be considered.

Jailing him for three years Judge Peter Fenn said he had read victim impact statements from the owners of some of the properties burgled by Hawkes in which they had described the devastating effect the break-ins had on them and their families.

Judge Fenn said that as Hawkes had two previous convictions for domestic burglaries in a specified period he was required to pass a minimum jail sentence of three years.

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Michael Crimp, prosecuting, said that between June 14 and August 3 Hawkes had committed a number of daytime burglaries at detached premises in villages in the Ipswich area while the owners were out.

He said these included premises in Henley, Burgh and Dallinghoo.

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Charles Myatt, for Hawkes, said his client had been a heroin addict and had committed the burglaries to fund his habit.

Since being remanded in custody he had managed to stay off drugs and had volunteered information to police about other burglaries he had committed because he wanted to change his life.

His partner was expecting a baby in October and he planned to make good use of his time in prison and better himself.

Mr Myatt said Hawkes had also agreed to meet a victim of one of the burglaries he had committed who had asked for a face to face meeting.

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