Quartet deny gang rape of teen

FELIXSTOWE: An alleged rapist was caught on camera telling another man “Don’t be afraid, she’s a tramp” as they raped a 16-year-old girl, a court heard.

Four men each face three charges of raping the teenager at a house in Holland Road, Felixstowe, on New Year’s Day, Ipswich Court Court was told.

Matthew McNiff, prosecuting, showed the jury mobile phone footage of part of alleged attack and told them “you may well hear (her) whimpering.”

Earlier Mr McNiff said, that although each defendant had been responsible for different aspects of what went on, they faced three charges as they were all complicit.

He told the jury “we say each had an understanding, each had desire to fulfil.”

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Arturas Bagdziunas, 28, of Leeward Court, Felixstowe, Minddaugas Mickevicius, 31, of Holland Road, Felixstowe, Alvaras Urbonas, 25, of Beach Road West, Felixstowe, and Edgaras Sliburis,19, of Peterhead, Scotland, all deny rape.

The court heard the incident began around midnight the girl was effectively left on her own on Felixstowe seafront when a friend she was with went off with a boy.

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The teenager was offered a can of beer by Bagdziunas and Sliburis, who were unknown to her. Although she declined, the three of them chatted for a minute or two.

Another man then approached the trio and put his arm around the girl, who agreed to go with them to a house in Holland Road.

Mr McNiff said when they arrived there were other men in the sitting room.

The girl was given a cigarette and sat on the sofa, while Bagdziunas told her she was beautiful on a number of occasions. He then began running his hand up and down her leg and touched her breasts over her clothing.

The other men were watching this and the girl saw one of them wink at her.

The teenager became scared and felt unable to leave, Mr McNiff said.

She asked to use the toilet so she could make a phone call, but was followed upstairs by Bagdziunas and Sliburis.

Bagdziunas allegedly pushed her into a bedroom and on to a bed.

While one man kept guard at the door, Bagdziunas forced her to have oral sex.

The court was told Sliburis then came into the room and also forced her to have oral sex, while Bagdziunas raped her.

The incident was captured on mobile phone footage. Mr McNiff said voices could be heard with one man telling the other in Lithuanian not to be afraid as the girl was a tramp.

The court heard Mickevicius came into the room and raped the girl, as Bagdziunas assaulted her again.

Urbonas then appeared and allegedly forced the girl to have oral sex.

Eventually the alleged sex attacks ended and she ran out of the house.

Two of the men followed, but disappeared when the girl spoke to a stranger who alerted police.

The trial continues.

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