Rail company spends more than a penny on improving train toilets!

Class 360 electric units like this are to get new toilets. Stock Image.

Class 360 electric units like this are to get new toilets. Stock Image. - Credit: Archant

Greater Anglia has spent £150,000 upgrading the toilets on its fleet of commuter trains running between Ipswich, Essex and London.

The company is replacing all the toilets on its Class 360 commuter trains. New toilets have been installed on seven of the 21 trains so far, and the rest of the work is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

Toilet faults on Greater Anglia trains are now being fixed quicker than ever. Two members of Greater Anglia’s cleaning team are based at Liverpool Street where they fix faults as soon as they are able to get to the train.

On an average day, less than 2% of the operator’s 556 train toilets are out of order and over the past 12 months, Greater Anglia cleaners have fixed 681 faults.

Michelle Smart, Greater Anglia’s HR Director, said: “We care about our customers’ journeys. We have more than 300 people who work hard every day to keep our trains looking clean.”

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