Rain drenches Suffolk - and more to come

RAIN water was draining out of Suffolk's streets today after a downpour.

RAIN water was draining out of Suffolk's streets today after a downpour.

Heavy showers drenched the county last night, and caused serious problems in parts of northern England.

A quarter of an inch of rain fell in Ipswich last night, a high figure for June, and weatherman Ken Blowers said the miserable weather was unlikely to disappear.

He added: “In the first ten days of June we've had inch of rain which is a lot for June when you think that the 60-year average for June is 1.82 inches, so in ten days we've had more than half the average.

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“It's also quite rare that for the last eight days we've had cloudy skies and it's been cool, because normally June is one of our brightest months.

“It is because of a very slow moving depressions over the UK. I think on Friday and Saturday there will be improvement in the weather but I don't think it will last. There is nothing to suggest yet that we will have a spell of lovely weather.

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“It is not good news but there are some people who will be pleased; farmers and gardeners who have been crying out for rain for weeks on end.”

He added that it was unlikely that there would be flooding in Suffolk despite the heavy rain.

Flood warnings remained in force for parts of northern England today after torrential rain poured into homes and caused gridlock on the roads.

Yesterday's downpours in Sheffield and parts of Derbyshire closed roads and a railway line, trapping motorists and causing havoc for other commuters and the emergency services.

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