Move over Ed Sheeran – rapper pens ode to his Suffolk hometown

Joseph Lambert AKA Rehmidi, who has written a rap song dedicated to Sudbury Picture: PETE STEPHENS

Joseph Lambert AKA Rehmidi, who has written a rap song dedicated to Sudbury Picture: PETE STEPHENS - Credit: Archant

Forget Ed Sheeran’s ode to Framlingham in the pop superstar’s hit single ‘Castle on the Hill’ – a Sudbury man has dedicated a rap to his hometown featuring many of its historic landmarks.

Joseph Lambert, 28, who works as a DJ on cruise ships, has penned ‘Sudbury Town’ under the name Rehmidi – and has released it via several social media platforms.

Mr Lambert, who grew up in the town and attended the former Sudbury Upper School (now Ormiston Sudbury Academy), has also created a music video with footage of some of his favourite spots in the ancient town.

The River Stour, Friars Meadow, and Belle Vue Park are all mentioned in the rap song, along with some of the town’s former nightspots, and Mr Lambert says it focuses on his childhood growing up in west Suffolk.

“I had been meaning to write a song about my hometown for a while,” the music production graduate said.

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“I work on cruise ships so am away for six months of the year, but always enjoy coming back home.

“The song is all about what it was like growing up in Sudbury. I touch on my memories of that time and about being inspired by [Thomas] Gainsborough.

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“I make links to his painting and other artists who have been inspired by the countryside.”

As part of the Vision for Prosperity engagement period for Sudbury earlier this year, students in the area were asked to liken the town to a celebrity to understand how they viewed their town and its character.

The findings revealed that young people felt it was akin to antiques TV show presenter David Dickinson as well as Katie Price.

Mr Lambert said: “One of the things I noticed when I was doing the music video was how things had changed.

“Obviously being brought up here, you see things come and go, but it has changed a lot and I think maybe there was more to do for us than there is now.”

Mr Lambert also raps about music festivals in and around the town - declaring: “I think LeeStock is the best one, although they should have me on stage at the next one.”

The song has already attracted attention on social media.

Mr Lambert added: “The response has been really good.

“Within 24 hours, the video had over 2,000 views, as well as 120 shares on Facebook from Sudbury people.”

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