Recipe of the Week: Leek, pea and mint risotto

Leek, pea and mint risotto

Leek, pea and mint risotto - Credit: Archant

A favourite healthy eating option for the whole family

Serves 4

Calorie controlled cooking spray

2 large leeks

300g frozen peas

850ml hot veg stock

10g mint leaves

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200g Risotto Rice

125ml dry white wine

4 eggs optional

Fry Leeks for 5mins until softened

Put peas in pan with 100ml of stock, bring to boil add mint and blend to paste, set aside.

Add rice to pan with leeks, pour in wine and gently add stock ladle full at a time will take 20-25mins, add pea purée

Poach eggs in pan of water

Season with salt and pepper and serve placing egg on top garnished with mint leaves,

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